Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why I am Blogging...

Hello! Welcome to Caitlin's Positively Honest Blog!

I am starting this blog initially at the hopes of earning some income over the Internet. I live in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and run a non-profit organization called Project Esperanza - I have a baby boy and my life and work (unpaid with Project Esperanza) make it difficult for me to work a job outside of the home. Plus, the Dominican economy is very depressed and jobs are few and low-paying here. Therefore, I hope to create this blog where I post positive, yet honest thoughts and opinions about products, current events, organizations, etc. that are brought to my attention. I hope to bring a high amount of traffic to this blog before seeking out opportunities to be paid by advertisers looking for blogger reviews posted on high traffic blogs.

Thank you for visiting Caitlin's Positively Honest Blog! Your visit and your feedback is highly appreciated.